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      Contact us

      Xuzhou Huaxia Electronics Co., Ltd.

      A.Our Mission  
      ◆International presence as a system partner of the automotive industry. 
      ◆We are consistently showing initiative in supporting our customers,employees,and investors, thereby helping them to reach their goals.At the same time, we are takinginto account the expectations of the public
      B.Our Demands in the Market  
      ◆In the areas of competence, flexibility and initiative we are ahead of our competitors 
      ◆Due to good management of alliances, we are performing well in a competitive environment. 
      C.Our Understanding of Business  
      ◆Long-term partnership with our customers based on our effort. 
      ◆Worldwide service for our customers. 
      ◆Continuous innovation and extreme flexibility in all areas allow for worldwide competitiveness resulting in the utmost benefit for our customers. 
      ◆Demonstrate complete competence for the &quot;Wiring System&quot;, including all interfaces. 
      ◆By continuous initiative we strive to anticipate the needs of our customers. 
      ◆Making the &quot;zero defect automobile&quot; possible by our procedures and products. 
      ◆Innovation and cost-leadership resulting in high profit. 
      ◆Reduction of waste in the whole supply chain, down to the end customer. 
      D.Our values   
      ◆We look forward to acquiring responsibility and are willing to be measured by our success. 
      ◆We understand the need for continuing education. 
      ◆We desire continuous improvement and constant change. In doing so, we maintain our  professionalism, and remain attractive to customers, personnel, suppliers and partners in the markets. 
      ◆We strive for teamwork, open communication and mutual partnership in our own organization as well as with external partners 
      and entities.