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      Bring the beauty of true colors into life and explore the magical power of beauty in true colors2020-09-10

      There are tens of thousands of colors and tens of thousands of gestures in life, but only one color is the most colorful-true color. What is true? That is, not following the so-called trend, not accepting the beauty defined by others, and blooming self-will. Everyone can have a unique character and show a confident true self. In the automotive industry, Haoying is the best representative of "True Colors". With the world view of "WILL IS BEAUTIFUL Beauty is True Colors", it stimulates each other with young people and achieves their true colors. Because of the value recognition with young people and the unique charm of its products, Haoying has been on the market since the end of November last year, and its topical interest and sales have continued to rise. Cumulative sales have exceeded 70,000 vehicles, and sales in June have broken through. 20,000 vehicles, a record high, ranked among the forefront of the mid-level SUV market, and continued to rise.

      From July 23rd to 25th, the author was fortunate to be invited to Shanghai, the birthplace of Haoying's inspiration, to experience a unique "True Encounter" with Haoying. The event takes "natural colors" as the origin, selects multiple scenes with natural beauty, and combines unique life experiences with natural driving journeys through the combination of "people × scenery × cars", bringing the beauty of true colors into life and bringing more youth People deeply perceive the real world of Haoying and experience the most beautiful and true charm of life.